Ergonomic desk HARVARD

Price: 580,00 €
Product number:  CPH
Brand:  Comf-Pro
Availability:  ON ORDER | Delivery time 3-4 weeks
The Harvard desk is similar to a beauty Nobless with a few differences. The working surface of this desk is also separated into two areas - adjustable and sliding. By lightly pressing on a lever a child can raise the front area to the desired height and work standing up. This is comfortable for drafting and drawing.There is a convenient and roomy drawer underneath the fixed desk area for storage to reduce clutter. The desk is best for people of height 110 cm to 210 cm, so parents can also take advantage of it.
Fixed surface height - 77 cm, Fixed surface dimensions - 113 cm by 33 cm, Adjustable surface dimensions - 113 cm by 48 cm, Front adjustable area height - 45-89 cm, Adjustable area tilt angle - 0-38 degrees.
* Wood finishes
  • maple-blue
  • maple-lime
  • maple-darkgray
Qty. (tk):
Length (cm) 113
Width (cm) 81
Height (cm) *reg 45-89, fiks 77

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