Ergonoomiline laud KING

Price: 545,00 €
Product number:  BD-368
Brand:  Comf-Pro
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The largest in Comf-Pro collection, the King desk has one unified working space consisting of two surfaces - tiltable and flat. This makes it easy to engage in various activities. The flat surface can accommodate everything needed for study and work and you can comfortably read, write, and draw on the tilted surface. The height of the desk can adjust for the child 's growth. At the maximum height adjustment, you can work at the table standing up ( for children 100-170cm tall). Practical surface material - it's covered by a 4-layer laminate. Ergonomic design, no sharp edges and angles. Easy adjustment of height and the tilt angle. Size 76.5x140 cm. Incline surface 48x93 cm. Adjustable height 54-79 cm. Tilt angle - 0-30 deg. This product is TÜV certified - it is a sign of conformity to the German standard of safety and quality.
Qty. (tk):  
Length (cm) 140
Width (cm) 76,5
Height (cm) 54-79
Incline surface (cm) 93x48
Tilt angle (°) 0-30

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