Ergonoomiline laud NOBLESSE

Price: 540,00 €
Product number:  CPTH333
Brand:  Comf-Pro
Availability:  ON ORDER | Delivery time 3-4 weeks
The tilt of the Noblesse desk's working surface can be customizable. This is done in one easy motion. The table height can be equally easily adjusted. The far end of the desk has a fixed height - 80 cm. One table for every activity. Ergonomic design, no sharp edges and angles. Size: 106 x 74 cm (front part 106х47,5 cm, back - 106х26,5 cm). Adjustable height 53-80 cm. Tilt angle: 0-20 degrees. This product is TÜV certified - it is a sign of conformity to the German standard of safety and quality.
Qty. (tk):  
Length (cm) 106
Width (cm) 74
Height (cm) 53-80
Incline surface (cm) 47,5x106
Tilt angle (°) 0-20

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