Photo plywood

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Create a beautiful and lasting commemoration of your favorite memories, events, or loved ones! Choose your favorite photo and we will print it digitally directly on pre-lacquered birch plywood. Natural lines of the wood grain show through the lighter colors of an picture or photo. And because no two sheets of plywood have the same grain signature is every print unique, regardless if the same picture/photo is used. To create a beautiful piece of art for yourself or as a gift, please choose:
* Dimension and orientation of plywood
* Plywood finish
* Margin
Qty. (tk):
Currently we offer the following options to print a photo on:
- plywood with dimensions 120x120x21 mm (finish white lacquer), 400x400x15 mm (finish natural lacquer) - square pieces of plywood are with rounded corners;
- plywood with dimensions 140x140x15 mm, 300x300x15 mm (finish white lacquer or natural lacquer);
- plywood with dimensions 300x450x15 mm, 400x600x15 mm (finish natural lacquer), 100x150x15 mm, 200x295x15 mm (finish white lacquer or natural lacquer) - rectangular plywood, you can choose whether to print the image vertically ("portrait") or horizontally ("landscape"). With this option, we offer our plywood photo prints two ways – edge-to-edge with no margin or centered with margin, which creates the impression that the picture would be framed.
Plywood edges are polished. Each plywood has a specially machined rabbet in the back, allowing you to hang anywhere. You need just two screws (not included).
Upload your favourite picture from your computer to our Dropbox account and write your name in the name of the file, so that we can recognize your photo. Type your additional information into chart comments or straight to our e-mail: Please ensure that the picture you choose is of the best possible quality since the result depends on it. If you have any questions please contact us before you purchase:
Materjal birch plywood