PREMIUM High sleeper 90x200cm - white

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Kõrge voodi PREMIUM on hea lahendus suuremale lapsele. Voodi all põrandal on rohkelt ruumi laua ja kapi või riiuli jaoks - nii on ruum efektiivselt kasutatud. Redelit võib paigutada vastavalt soovile vasakule või paremale. Voodit on võimalik täiendada toredate tekstiilidega, lauaplaadiga, redelile saab lisada käepideme (vaata kokkusobivate toodete hulgast, tootepiltidel nähtavad ei kuulu komplekti). Seda voodit on võimalik tulevikus kasutada ka madala voodina või võib lisada alla teise madala voodi - nii tekib nurgalahendusega voodi.
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The height of the bed allows for extra floor space or lots of storage below the bed.
The high sleeper for the bigger child who wants more floor space in the room.
With the high sleeper you really make use of all square meters in the room.
Under the bed there is lots of extra floor space which allows you to create a lounge area, work space, storage or room to play.
There is 135 cm from the underside of the bunk to the floor - only the imagination sets the limit for what you can use all of this space for!
All ladders from the PREMIUM collection has grooves and deep steps.
This gives your child a better footing while climbing the ladder. You can also purchase a smart metal handle to make the climb even safer and more comfortable.
The bed, like the rest of the PREMIUM collection, carries the Nordic Swan label.
The Nordic Swan label is your guarantee that the product has been tested on and complies with all EU standards in children's furniture.
At the same time, the greatest possible consideration is given to the environment both when purchasing raw materials, during the production itself, in the product's life and when the product is to be disposed of.
The surface is treated with water-based, environmentally friendly lacquer without harmful substances and unnecessary chemistry.
The PREMIUM collection is covered by the Hoppekids Life time warranty.
The life time warranty cover manufacturing errors.
Cleaning: Can be washed with a hard-wrung cloth and mild soapy water.
The ladder can be mounted on either left or right side of the bed.

Mattress size (cm) 90x200
Length (cm) 209
Width (cm) 104
Height (cm) 177
Kaal (kg) 54,4
Height under bed (cm) 135
Bed base included jah
Materjal pine wood
Wood finishes white
Requires assembly jah

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