Terms of sale

 1.General settings

 1.1. These purchase conditions (hereinafter Conditions) apply to Infano OÜ (registration code 12012623, address Raiste village, Võrumaa) internet store, addressed as www.kidsworld.ee (hereinafter KidsWorld) purchase of goods for sale by Customer (hereinafter the Customer).

1.2. Parties shall be guided in their mutual relations Rules, KidsWorld, and the price list of the valid legislation of the Republic of Estonia.

1.3. KidsWorld reserves the right to unilaterally change the terms and pricing. Terms and pricing changes will take effect from the date of publication of information about the KidsWorld of Internet shop. If the client sent his order before the Rules and / or the price list for the entry into force of amendments, are to apply to the Customer orders the time of transmission conditions and the price list, unless otherwise provided by law or arising from the Terms.

1.4. By submitting the order the Customer confirms that he has read and agrees to the purchase terms.

2. Price list and payment for services

2.1. All product prices are without transportation fee and include 20% VAT. Infano OÜ reserves the right to withdraw from the sale if the price of a product is inserted into the case is a human error or a technical fault in the system - if the price of goods offered has changed compared to the corresponding normal market price of goods and commodities at unreasonably cheap does not have a separate note of the special offer or discount. Consequently, we expect that the customer understands that there is an error, and the product does not include a price on the sale.

2.2. Cargo shipping costs depend on the quantity, dimensions and location of delivery.

2.4. KidsWorld reserves the right to adjust prices. If the client sent his order before the price change takes effect, it's true for the price, which was reflected in the account at the time of the execution order. The customer is not entitled to claim compensation for the difference in price.

2.5. Order can be paid by bank transfer (100% of the total subscription amount) on the basis of an order confirmation from the bank or find a suitable maksekeskus.ee via a bank link or credit card.

2.6. The sales contract shall be deemed concluded when the client has paid to KidsWorld`s bank account, preferably by bank transfer for the order of 100%, but never less than 50% of the order of the amount due.

3. Delivery and transfer.

3.1. In-stock items will be shipped immediately after the receipt of payment into KidsWorld's account. If the goods are not in stock, we will notify the Customer immediately. If you need more information about delivery, contact kidsworld.

3.2. You will be contacted when the ordered goods have arrived in our warehouse.

3.3. Delivery methods:

*Estonia, Latvia, Finland:

- delivery of goods through the courier company price (0-48 €), depends on the delivery address, on the weight of the product and is calculated automatically;
Free delivery on orders over 150,00 € (in Estonia), over 250,00 € (in Latvia, Finland);

- small goods - SmartPOST terminals in Estonia (price 0-6 €) and in Finland (price 0-15 €).
                    - Terminals Omniva in Estonia (price 0-6 €), in Latvia and in Lithuania (price 0-15 €).

The price will be calculated automatically.

Free delivery on orders over 32,00 € (in Estonia), over 64,00 € (in Latvia, Lithuania, Finland).

** Other countries in Europe

- courier service, the price is 18-180 €. The price depends on the delivery address, on the weight of the product and is calculated automatically.

3.4. KidsWorld reserves the right to change delivery methods and prices.

3.5. Order of the data depends on the accuracy and veracity avoid delays and misunderstandings in the delivery of the goods. Kidsworld and transportation / courier company is not responsible for product delivery delays and misunderstandings occurred if the delay or misunderstanding caused by the Customer ordering the data inaccuracies or errors.

3.6. Upon recieving the package we recommend checking for damage before signing, and not to accept if there appears to be visual damage. By signing, the customer confirms that at the time of delivery the package was undamaged and is satisfied with the condition of the packaging. Please notify us if the package is damaged by e-mailing at info@kidsworld.ee.

4. Cancellation and refund of the product

4.1. The customer has the right to cancel the Kidsworld order and not pay for it.

4.2. KidsWorld has the right to cancel the order if:

- the customer has not paid at least 50% of the order amount within seven days;

- the product the customer ordered is out of stock and a suitable replacement could not be found.

4.3. Products purchased from KidsWorld e-shop may be returned within 14 days.

4.4. The returned product must be undamaged, complete, original packaging and without signs of use.

4.5. The 14-day Return policy does not apply to custom orders (example: specific dimensions, images or text have been requested).

4.6. If the client withdraws from the contract, KidsWorld will refund  the amount paid immediately, but not later than 30 days after returning the product. The money will be transferred to the same account, which was used for the purchase.

4.7. Upon cancelation the customer must also immediately return the product that was received, but no later than within 30 days.

4.8. If the purchased goods are damaged or incorrect (shipment includes products not ordered by the customer) KidsWorld will be responsible for return or exchange shipping.

4.9. If the customer wishes to cancel the order, the cancellation form must be submitted in writing to info@kidsworld.ee .

Make sure to include the order number in your e-mail.

4.10.The return must be marked with the sender's and the recipient's contact information.

4.11. If, after the return, it appears that the return does not meet the conditions of purchase terms, the money will not be refunded.

5. Complaint submission.

5.1. Kidsworld gives all products six months of complaints on the right. KidsWorld is not responsible for the error, which the client was informed before making a purchase. The Act on the basis of a complaint submitted sense, if the product has revealed such shortcomings, which the Customer genesis bear no responsibility. Kidsworld will not be responsilble for:

- If the product is damaged by the customer;

- If the defect has occured because of misuse;

- Natural wear and tear;

5.2. If it appears that the defect is of technological nature, the customer may require a repair. If repair is not possible, then the replacement of the product. If Kidsworld decides to repair the product, the Customer has no right to demand the replacement of the product. Customer can demand a refund only if the replacement within a reasonable period of time has not been possible due to a lack of suitable product.

5.3. If a defect occurs, the Customer has no more than two months to inform KidsWorld, or to submit a complaint in writing to info@kidsworld.ee. In the complaint must be noted:

- The customer's name and contact information;

- Date of complaint;

- The lack of goods or services;

- Reason for the request;

- A photograph of the defect or deficiency.

5.4. KidsWorld will respont to the complaint within 15 days.

5.5. KidsWorld will refund the defective. The return of non-conforming product shall bear KidsWorld of the product of the amount paid by the customer to the bank account no later than 30 days after receipt of the cancellation and product return notification of desire.

6. Liability and force majeure

6.1. KidsWorld`s Customer is responsible in front of KidsWorld in violation of the conditions for damage caused by the current legislation in the Republic of Estonia and the extent.

6.2. KidsWorld is responsible in front of the Customer in violation of the conditions for damage caused by the current legislation in the Republic of Estonia and the extent.

6.3. Neither party will be liable to the other party in front of her behavior are not considered in these conditions for any breach of its obligation to exercise due to the delay or the failure to exercise, if such delay or non-execution of the reason was that the party is controlled by the (force majeure).

6.4. KidsWorld can not compensate for moral damage, which can lead to customer delivery times, prices and other terms of these conditions.

6.5. KidsWorld can not compensate for the Client's costs arising from the fact that the client is taking on a third (non-dependent) persons have obligations under these terms and conditions conflict with these terms.

6.6. KidsWorld can not compensate for customer delivery times, prices and other conditions due to changes in non-used options.

7. Personal data and their use.

7.1. The user provides a clear and informed consent of the KidsWorld`s store manager's own personal data processing.

7.2. Submitting the order entered by the user has become known provider of personal data in the client register and used for the sale of goods and provision of services to the customer.

7.3. Personal Data source customer relationship is the emergence of the e-shop registration process.

7.4. To registration of the personal data included in the data the customer's order (surname, first name, street, house, apartment number, city or town, zip code, telephone number, date of birth, sex, Delivery, used in the method of payment, E-shop User Agreement Acceptance of solicitation by sending electronic mail, notes entered ).

7.5. Personal data which are necessary to mediate the goods to the Customer may be sent courier for operators in the business.

7.6. Store`s administrator undertakes not to transmit personal data to third parties.

7.7. The store manager reserves the right to transmit data relating to users when they are transmitted to a person who processes the data, and has a statutory obligation to comply with the statutory right, or if the Client another person's life or health freedom.

7.8.  The customer has the right to check the personal data concerning him, as well as modify or remove data from the register.

7.9. The user gives the store manager agreed to send a child into the world when submitting the order entered by electronic mail order confirmation.

7.10. Viewing store manager agreed to receive promotional offers to placing an order entered into the e-mail address if it is pointed out in agreement with the order submission page checkmark in the corresponding window.

8. Other conditions

8.1. In these conditions, matters not regulated hereunder the Customer and KidsWorld Estonian state laws governing the relationship between the parties, and other acts.

8.2. These conditions arising from the disputes and disagreements resolved by the parties, in particular through negotiations. If you can not resolve a contractual dispute between the Parties is the customer as well as KidsWorld`s right of recourse to the Consumer Protection Board or the courts.

8.3. These conditions are the customer of dating.

8.4. When making an order, the Customer have been noted in box "I have read and agree to the terms and conditions", he confirms that he is familiar with the terms of the agreement, you can understand them and agree to the terms.

Of all possible issues, please contact our customer service at info@kidsworld.ee.